Is this time different?

Over the years I have commented in both written and video form on the 4-year cycle of Bitcoin. This cycle has, thus far, remained intact. However, there is now a strong argument to be made that Bitcoin may not follow this cycle and reach a cycle top sooner than most people anticipate. To understand this […]

Bitcoin Price Action

Bitcoin’s price action is often analysed through various technical indicators and historical patterns to forecast potential movements. The recent breakthrough above the significant resistance level of 30/31k after a prolonged 7-month struggle signifies a crucial development in Bitcoin’s market behaviour. Traders are now eyeing two primary bullish targets. There seem to be currently two significant […]

Bitcoin Dominance & the Altcoin Cycle

Understanding the intricate relationship between Bitcoin dominance and the cycle of altcoins is crucial for any cryptocurrency enthusiast or investor. Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has historically exerted a significant influence on the altcoin market, and its dominance has been a key indicator of the broader crypto landscape. Bitcoin dominance, often referred to as BTC.D, measures […]

The Bitcoin Cycle

The historical data we’ve collected so far suggests that Bitcoin adheres to two distinct yet somewhat similar cycles. These cycles play a crucial role in understanding Bitcoin’s price movements and market dynamics. The first cycle, often referred to as the Bitcoin Halving cycle (although it’s occasionally mistakenly labelled as the ‘4 year cycle’), revolves around […]