The world of cryptocurrency can be extremely daunting to the newcomer. Therefore, we have created a VIP Discord Group to help those who wish to look at crypto safely, seriously & with confidence. Save the pain of years of research and experience and have it all handed to you on a plate by our experts. We have done all the heavy lifting for you!

The depth of knowledge within the group is second to none and an expert will always be there to answer any question the member has 24/7 and usually within minutes as we have experts in most continents across the globe. Equally, the group is also suited to those who are intermediate or advanced and wish to further their knowledge in crypto, trading, investing and markets in general.

Our VIP Group has fantastic reviews on Twitter and is one of the best and most professional groups in crypto. Here are some of the things you can expect when joining the group under Premium Economy Class or above:

  • 1 A very friendly & helpful expert team available 24/7.
  • 2 Basic, intermediate and advanced crypto education.
  • 3 Daily market updates.
  • 4 Weekly video market updates.
  • 5 In depth onchain analysis
  • 6 Interactive market updates via ZOOM
  • 7 Education on risk management
  • 8 Education on market cycles
  • 9 Education on market psychology & when to take profit
  • 10 Top Altcoin picks (Caesar’s Picks included)
  • 11 Trade setups & intraday trading
  • 12 A huge community of likeminded crypto people

Whilst premium is our most popular membership tier, we also offer higher tiered memberships (business and elite). These provide more of a personal bespoke service. The business package includes a 1 hour session with an expert of which you set the topic and go through things with them. This might be discussing your current position, market strategies, portfolio management assistance and the like. 

Our elite package is completely bespoke to the member and is best suited to HNWI’s. If you are a HNWI please consider the page ‘High Net Worth’ on our  website.

To join the group today either make an enquiry here or if you are on twitter just simply reach out to Caesar direct. Select your tier and get in touch today.  All payments are in either USDT/USDC, ETH or Bitcoin. Cash is trash and not accepted under any circumstances!