Picking the best altcoins or alpha for your portfolio is key to the large returns one can secure during a bull market and key to growing your Bitcoin portfolio. Most altcoins have 1 or 2 (at best) cycles in them before they begin to underperform against Bitcoin.

Each bull cycle will have a different narrative. For example, in 2017 ICO’s were big and in 2021 Defi and NFT’s were the narrative. Therefore, identifying the correct ‘narrative’, when to buy the altcoins and balancing the risk is key in every new cycle.

In 2020 Caesars Palace released 10 altcoin picks to the group which (collectively) gave a 2,500% return. Each altcoin was heavily researched and the positions were taken perfectly within the ‘Bitcoin Cycle’, hence the excellent return.

Caesars Palace released a further 10 picks to the group on 28th September 2023. This is a comprehensive 33 page document with extensive research and sets out in detail each altcoin and why we think it will perform so well in the coming bull cycle. Being a member of the VIP Group will give you instant access to Caesar’s Altcoin Picks. This really is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss!